Monday, May 3, 2010

Breaking a Plateau

During most of April I experienced a slow down of my weight loss.  And spent a period of over 2 weeks with no loss and even some gain, in spite of the fact that I kept lowering my calories and increasing my exercise.  It was maddening.  Arrg!

My trainer at Curves thought that my metabolism was slowing down and my body was going into "starvation mode" as a response to my low caloric intake (I was regularly getting less than 1000 per day) and she encouraged me to up my calories to at least 2000 for an extended period of time.  I knew it was a good idea but it was still scary for me because on the surface it appears to be counterintuituve.

That day I got my calories to 1868 .  At my next morning weigh-in I dropped .8 lbs.  I ate 2020 calories that day and next morning weigh-in I dropped 1.4 lbs.  Then I ate 2035, next morning dropped 1.8 lbs.  This kind of pattern has continued for a week.

I plan on continuing to aim for 2000 (maybe more) for another week (total of 14 days maybe longer).  Then I plan to cycle down to 1200 for 7 days, 1500 for 23 days and then back to 2000 or more for 14-30 days.  This is the pattern for Curves Weight Management plan and I hope that it will prevent a plateau from happening again.

NOTE:  The extra calories I am getting are just more of the same really good healthy choices that I make at the lower calorie levels.  I am just increasing the quantity of that good stuff... lean meat, bright colored veggies, lots of non-fat yogurt, berries, etc.

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