Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home from Disney!

As you all know, we are back from our 8 day Disney extravaganza!  See the tons of photos I uploaded to Facebook :)

The "bad" news is that I gained 4 lbs while we were away... but the good news is that those pounds seemed "temporary" because I was back to my pre-vacation weight by the third morning home. and a few more have shed in the following days.

I recently read an article that might explain why this happened...
"Eat More, Weigh Less - Periods of "Caloric Abundance" appear to rev up how many calories we burn"

I went back to Curves the day after we returned and I am back on my Curves schedule now. The workouts are challenging me even more since I am back... I think my body is still recovering from vacation :)

So here are the numbers...

Started June 3 268.0 lbs 39.58 bmi "obese"
Today July 30 245.6 lbs 36.27 bmi

22.4 lbs down!

1st goal (lose 65lbs) 203 lbs 29.98 bmi "overweight"
2nd goal (lose 99lbs) 169 lbs 24.96 bmi "healthy"

Short term I want to see my weight/bmi decrease weekly. Achieving "Overweight" and then "Healthy" are my ongoing longer term goals..

These are my updated plans...

1. eating 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies per day
2. continue Curves 3 times per week
3. walking with the kids 1 or 2 times per week all summer
4. water only when out to eat... and more water throughout the day
5. monitoring myself with Fitday

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