Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting Encouragement from Others

I have had a few days over the last month that have been mentally rough.  I am so thankful for so many of us walking through this process together.  In addition to everyone in this group, my mother-in-law has joined in on the fun and has been attending Weight Watchers and doing great!  I am so encouraged and inspired by everyone making really positive changes.  And it is wonderful to be able to share the ups and downs with people who really understand.  Thank You everyone for helping me!

Some things that I am working on...

Trying to get back into the habit of taking my vitamin supplements everyday.  I used to be really good at this but let the habit slip.   So I am working them back into my daily routine and coming up with strategies so I won't forget.

Watching my protein more carefully and looking into what my target should be.

Reading the Curves Weight Management Plan (there is more than the 30 minute workout) and deciding how to incorporate the ideas into my plan.

Weight loss progress continues...

Started June 3
268.0 lbs 39.58 bmi "obese"
Today   November 19
215.2 lbs 31.78 bmi

52.8 lbs down!  only 12.2 lbs to get to 1st goal :)

1st goal
(lose 65lbs) 203 lbs 29.98 bmi "overweight" by Feb 2010
2nd goal (lose 99lbs) 169 lbs 24.96 bmi "healthy" by Dec 2010
3rd goal - to be determined

These are my plans/guidelines...

1. Never Skip Breakfast! (usually yogurt, banana, fiber bar, hard boiled egg)
2. eat 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies per day
3. eat at least 25 g of fiber per day
4. continue Curves 3 times per week
5. Water only when out to eat... and more water throughout the day
6. Daily monitoring myself with
7. no eating after 7:00pm (with a few exceptions)

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