Monday, December 20, 2010

December Update

Well, I have achieved goals # 6 and 7 !!  (see goal list below)  Can you believe it?

Christmas is only 5 days away and I plan on enjoying the festivities without weighing and measuring every ounce but afterward I will get right back into this new disciplined life I have found.  I am thinking that maintenance will take just as much work as losing... There are too many examples out there of people who thought they could stop!  Maintaining success will come from following a plan having discipline just like achieving success came from following a plan and having discipline.

I will be spending a lot of time looking at my "plans/guidelines" list and tweaking them to reflect a maintenance goal.  I will post my new plan by the end of January.  I will also be looking for more new goals to add to list! 


Started: June 3, 2009  268.0 lbs 39.58 bmi "obese" (body fat 44% "poor")

Today: Dec 20, 2010  142 lbs 20.97 bmi "normal" (body fat 18.8% "superior")

126 lbs lost!


1st goal: (lose 65lbs) 203 lbs 29.98 bmi "overweight" ACHIEVED Jan 17, 2010
2nd goal: (lose 99lbs) 169 lbs 24.96 bmi "healthy" ACHIEVED Jun 9, 2010
3rd goal: Achieve "Very Good/Fit" body fat % (22%-<26%) ACHIEVED Jul 16, 2010
4th goal: (lose 111 lbs) 157 lbs 23.18 bmi (Curves 100 lb Club) ACHIEVED Sep 6, 2010

5th goal: Achieve "Excellent" body fat % (<22%) ACHIEVED Oct 16, 2010
6th goal: (lose 121 lbs) 147 lbs 21.71 bmi ACHIEVED Dec 5, 2010
7th goal: Achieve "Superior" body fat % (<19%) ACHIEVED Dec 13, 2010
8th goal: Join the National Weight Control Registry by Dec 2011 

1. Never Skip Breakfast! (well-balanced & trying for 1/3 of my daily calories before noon)
2. take good nutritional supplements every day
3. eat 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies per day or more :)
4. eat at least 25g of fiber per day (try to get above 50g)
5. continue Curves 3 times per week
6. Water Only, when out to eat... and min of 64 oz water each day... can you get to 128 oz?
7. Daily monitoring myself with
8. Follow Curves Weight Management calorie phases (max out phase 3!)
9. Daily calories are never less than 1200 (except for prayer & fasting days)
10. Spend no more than 7 consecutive days at less than 1500 calories.

11. Limit eating after 7:00pm (or within 3 hrs of bedtime)
12. Be accountable to someone (person or group) and report status monthly.

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