Monday, January 10, 2011

Food Choices - What Should I Eat?

When I started my journey (almost 20 months ago... wow) I wasn't as concerned with the nutritional value of the foods that I was eating as I was about the calorie content.  For a while I continued to eat much of the same stuff I ate before and focused on portion control to keep the calories down.  It was a good place to start and I had to start somewhere.  But I learned quickly that the allowable portion sizes of those foods were not very satisfying to me.  I love to eat and I love to eat in QUANTITY and I love to feel full and satisfied!  SO... I have learned over time how to make different choices in my daily diet to get the most quantity of food with the fewest calories.  The good news those choices usually means healthier/nutrient dense food too!

As I surf the web attempting to educate myself in fitness and nutrition, I often come across food lists with these kind of titles...

"Abs Diet Power-12 Foods"
Almonds (and other nuts) - Beans and legumes - Spinach - Dairy (yogurt) - (Instant) Oatmeal - Eggs - Turkey and Lean Meats - Peanut Butter -  Olive Oil - Whole Grains - Extra Protein - Berries
"7 Foods You Should Eat Everyday"
Yogurt - Tomatoes - Walnuts - Spinach - Oats - Carrots - Blueberries
"The 5 Foods You Should Eat Everyday"
Leafy Greens - Nuts - Onions - Whole Grains - Yogurt
"8 Foods You Should Eat Everyday"
Spinach - Yogurt - Tomatoes - Carrots - Blueberries - Black Beans - Walnuts - Oats
"5 Healthy Foods You Should Eat Everyday"
Spinach - Eggs - Blueberries - Apples - Winter Squash
"5 Foods You Should Eat Everyday"
Oats - Walnuts - Black Beans - Blueberries - Carrots
"Foods You Should Eat Daily Part I"
Tomatoes - Yogurt - Avocados - Dark, Leafy Greens - Salmon
"Foods You Should Eat Daily Part II"
Chili Peppers - Carrots - Kiwi Fruit - Beans - Dark Berries
"15 Foods You Should Include in Your Everyday Diet"
Yogurt - Green Tea - Dark Green , Leafy Vegetables - Black Beans - Oats - Berries - Walnuts - Oranges - Cereals - Carrots - Tomatoes - Spinach - Bananas - Olive Oil - Almonds

I have tried to build my daily meal plans around most of the foods listed above.  The more I read, the more I am convinced that I can eat more if I eat the right stuff!  That is excellent news!  I love to eat :)

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