Monday, June 15, 2009


I was at curves for an hour this morning. They are very nice! Bonnie was my trainer. She had me fill out a health history then they took all my measurements. Nothing was a surprise since I have been doing them at home as well.

Bonnie showed me around... where to put my stuff, where to find water, changing room, etc.

Then Bonnie took me through the circuit slowly and taught me how to use all the machines. I think it is a good variety of equipment. Then we did the circuit again following the recorded voice to move to the next station (every 30 seconds). Between each machine there is a square "pad" to do cardio and remind yourself how to work the next machine :) It will take 30 minutes to do the entire circuit two times.

After completing the double circuit, Bonnie took me to the stretching area where there are 12 (i think) different stretches to do. She taught me to hold each one for a least 15 seconds.

At the end she programmed my id card and showed me how to check in next time.

I go back Wednesday at 8:30 AM  for another guided workout to make sure I don't have any questions about the process.
I will continue to keep this group posted on my Curves experience... Marcie is making me :) ha ha! But seriously, I know this is a good way to be accountable!

BTW... I am typing this at the Mt. Lebo Library where the kids and I walked to!  .9 miles in 20 minutes. Still have to go home though!

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