Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June Update & "Normal" BMI Acheived!

I am doing my June update today because this morning I reached goal #2 !!!  I am very excited because now my BMI is finally in the 'normal/healthy' range :) YAY!

I am still following my plan and it really feels like it is becoming a life-style... It is over a year now of making small (and some big) changes a little at a time.  I think the length of time this is taking me is really key to helping the changes be permanent.

I have mentioned this before but I am still getting used to how my body's response to calorie restrictions has changed.  For a long time (over 10 months), I simply restricted calories (as much as I wanted to) and I lost weight.  The equation was simple... eat less=lose weight, eat more=gain weight.  Now when I restrict calories too much, I gain weight.  The challenge for the last couple months has been to get calories up while still keeping sugar, sodium, saturated fat & complex carbs under control.  I am learning a new balance.

As I posted before, I have purged my closet.  This was an emotional experience.  I knew it would be hard but even I am a little surprised at my mental reaction and how long it is taking me to feel OK with the release.  The mental aspects of this whole experience are the biggest challenge.

Stuff I am loving right now...
     *  Subway Orchard Chicken Salad... yum yum :)
     *  Aldi's frozen berries... really good, all natural,
            much less expensive than other stores. (I eat lots of berries)
     *  SoBe lifewater zero has new 'energy' flavors with B-complex vitamins :)
     *  Vitamin Water has zero calorie flavors with NO SODIUM :)
     *  Making homemade chicken quesadilla... Oh my, how yummy!
     *  Making homemade oatmeal instead of using instant packets.
            a fraction of the cost & less than 100 calories per serving
            & less sugar, sodium & no artificial nastiness.

Here is my oatmeal recipe (I might double this recipe for higher calorie days)...
     1/4 cup  quick oats
     1/4 tsp  dark brown sugar
     1/4 tsp  cinnamon

     several dashes all-spice
     1/8 tsp  sea salt
     1 pkt     Stevia in the Raw (or Truvia or Purevia)
     1 cup     water
     1/4 cup  frozen blueberries
Combine oats, sugar, cinnamon, all-spice, salt, stevia & 1/2 cup water in a microwave cup/bowl.  Microwave 1 minute (watch for boil over).  Remove from microwave.  Add blueberries.  Stir.  Add up to 1/2 cup very hot/boiling water while stirring for desired thickness.

Here is the nutrition info...  

(compare to an instant oatmeal packet)

Calories 98            Calories from Fat  20
                                       % Daily Value
Total Fat                    2g     3%
   Saturated Fat           0g     0%
   Trans Fat                 0g     
Cholesterol                0mg     0%
Sodium                  16mg      1%
Total Carbohydrate     20g     7%
   Dietary Fiber            3g     12%
   Sugars                    5g     
Protein                       3g      6%
Vitamin A                (IU) 2     0%
Vitamin C                   1mg     2%
Calcium                      9mg     1%
Iron                           1mg     6%

Weight loss status...

Started June 3 2009  268.0 lbs 39.58 bmi "obese" (body fat 44% "poor")
Today   June 9 2010  169.0 lbs 24.96 bmi "normal" (body fat 27.8% "good")

99 lbs down!

GOALS REVIEW (updated)...
1st goal (lose 65lbs) 203 lbs 29.98 bmi "overweight" ACHIEVED Jan 17, 2010
2nd goal (lose 99lbs) 169 lbs 24.96 bmi "healthy" ACHIEVED Jun 9, 2010
3rd goal (lose 111 lbs) 157 lbs 23.18 bmi (qualify for the 100 lb Club at Curves) by fall 2010
4th goal (lose 121lbs) 147 lbs 21.71 bmi by Dec 2010
5th goal achieve "Very Good/Fit" body fat % (22%-26%)
6th goal achieve "Excellent" body fat % (<22%)


1. Never Skip Breakfast! (well-balanced & trying for 1/3 of my daily calories before noon)
2. take good nutritional supplements every day
3. eat 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies per day
4. eat at least 25 g of fiber per day
5. continue Curves 3 times per week
6. Water only when out to eat... and minimum of 64 oz water each day
7. Daily monitoring myself with
8. Follow Curves Weight Management calorie phases
9. no eating after 7:00pm (with a few exceptions)

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