Thursday, November 4, 2010

Liquid Calories ("Inspired Shakes" might be worth it!)

From the beginning of my journey, one of the first changes I made was to eliminate most (if not all) calories from fluids.  Here is some of my rationale...
  • calories in drinks are usually 'empty' (no nutritional value)
  • the act of chewing is satisfying 
  • I tend to gulp when I drink and not savor like I do when I eat solid food
  • I relate drinking with 'thirst' not with 'hunger'
I have had an occasional smoothie.  And I did sample the soda/pop (not diet) at the World of Coke in Atlanta during our vacation... but that is pretty much it.

I just read an article by a FitClick friend that might change my mind about the occasional 'liquid treat' or even meal.  I wanted to share it...
"Inspired Shakes" by Paula.

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