Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Vitamin C Controversy

In addition to Vitamin C I get from my daily multi-vitamins and food, I take an additional 2000mg (2g) via chewable C everyday.  This practice is controversial and I wanted to share some of the links that have brought me to the conclusion that more Vitamin C is better for me.

Beware!  The information in these links challenges the 'conventional wisdom' about Vitamin C dosage and the government's recommendation of 75 mg per day...

"The Vitamin C Fanatics Were Right All Along"

"Are There Safer Ways to Kill Cancer Cells?"

"New antioxidant vitamin "RDAs" better, but not good enough"

Will Overloading on Vitamin C Give Me Kidney Stones?

The Vitamin C Foundation

 Vitamin C Foundation recommended RDA

Surefire Cures for the Common Cold or Flu


  1. Hi, Wendy-
    I was just reading your linked article on "The Vitamin C Fanatics Were Right All Along". Although I find some of what it says and how it says it not entirely credible, I do come away with the idea that more Vitamin C than I'm getting now would be better. On the other hand, my mom takes megadoses and gets more colds than anyone else I know. But colds aren't really what I'm trying to stave off. The note on arthritis and collagen maintenance was interesting, as well as some other disease prevention.
    In my case, since I've had a kidney transplant and have limited kidney function, I'll be careful not to overdo it. Some literature warns people with very low kidney function from taking high dose vitamin C. But I'll still find some increased level and try it out.
    Also a good point seems to be to divide large doses of Vit C into multiple doses, not taking it all at once.
    -Julie W.

  2. Hi Julie, Thanks for your thoughts on this topic. I am always looking for more input as I refine my nutrition choices :) I agree with you on dividing into multiple doses and split mine between morning and afternoon. I settled on 2000 mg because I think it is a reasonable compromise between the Government RDA and the more extreme suggestions. I have no diagnosis that would give me caution in experimenting so I agree that with your limited kidney function you must be much more careful. I have not suffered from a cold since I started getting healthy, so I can't say whether adding more C is helping me in that specific way or not. In my opinion all the Vitamin C in the world won't override a lifestyle that is not healthy in general.