Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5K Training!

I started an 8-week 5K training plan...um... over 7 weeks ago.  That's right... I am now on week 8!  So I guess it is going well :-)  .  My goal was to see if I could learn to like to run or at least not HATE it!  In the past whenever I would try to run I would head out and expect to be able to run 3 straight miles right away and in one day somehow establish a new habit and become a running enthusiast.  HA!  Yeah right.  Crash and burn every time and HATE it and not try again for years.

This time I found Spark People's 5K training plans and decided to follow one and NOT go overboard or try to rush through the process.

All Spark People 5K plans...

I chose...

5K Your Way Rookie Running Plan

The first few weeks were pretty easy and it was tempting to jump ahead but I resisted.

As it became more challenging I found myself thinking ahead to the upcoming weeks and wondering if I would be ready and able to get to the next level.  To my delight, I have made the transition every week so far and now find myself at the final week of my current program.

I have no formal race scheduled yet but I am looking for the right opportunity and I will be ready when I find it!  It is a great feeling :)

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